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What is a Pre-purchase visual timber pest inspection?

Pre-purchase visual timber pest inspections have to follow the guidelines specified in Australian Standards 4349.3. The report is very detailed and we include photos to show you areas of importance or significance.  It’s a good idea to chat with the inspector after the inspection to get a summary of any issues. All of the information will be in the report but there is also a lot of other information relating to legal terms and conditions, which makes the report very comprehensive. There can be time pressures in the purchase process and we aim to provide the complete reports within 24-48 hours.

This Inspection is very similar to a Visual Termite Inspection in that we are looking for Termites, but with the addition of inspection for wood decay fungi and borers. It also provides information on conductive conditions and advice on treatment and protection.  All these things make for some comfort to a homebuyer before deciding on purchasing a home.

Pre-purchase timber pest inspection agreement
As the information in a pre-purchase pest inspection can make or break a sale, before any pre-purchase inspection, a pre-inspection agreement is required. This ensures that the homebuyer understands the processes carried out in the inspection and the limitations.


Pre-purchase pest inspections are visual inspections. We are not allowed to mark or cause damage to any walls, floors or skirting boards or move furniture. A seller might try to hide a problem by obstructing it with boxes or furniture. If we suspect that something has been deliberately obstructed, we will notify the homebuyer to this in the visual inspection report and recommend a further “invasive” inspection. The seller may not allow this and would have to be agreed beforehand.

Control & Inspections

Essential for early detection of termites or high risk areas. Ideally carried out every 12 months, but can be every 3-6 months depending on the property and whether there is or has been a termite issue.

The Inspection is a visual inspection carried out to reasonably accessible areas with the use of sounding tools and moisture meter.  If there is visual evidence present then these tools may provide additional information.  If high moisture is discovered that cannot be readily explained, or termite activity is suspected but cannot be readily located, then special tools like thermal imaging camera can be recommended, and a further Special Purpose Termite Inspection Report can be carried out.

An inspection can bring to attention conducive conditions in and around the home and, if required, we can provide a Termite Management Plan to manage termite risk and how to protect against termite infestation.

When we provide this service we take time to ensure that all areas of the property are thoroughly inspected.

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